Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome to Cooking with J & J.

We met in 2000 at a local play group when our children were 3 months old. Jaime, a vegetarian since birth, and Jessica (Jessie), who made the decision to become a vegetarian in 1997, have been friends for the past 10 years. Throughout the years we have shared a passion for providing our families with nutritious and delicious meals. As our friendship and families grew, so did our awareness of the importance of organic whole foods. Determined to satisfy our palettes, while maintaining ultimate health, we continue our journey, and invite you along.

Jessica: "I have always loved trying new recipes and sharing them with friends and family. There is nothing better than good food and good company. Ensuring our family is eating well and enjoying meals together has always been important to my husband and I. Over the last ten years I've become more aware of the effects of what you put into your body and your over all health. With my husband and my family's health history we are committed to reverse these cycles in our immediate family by making the choice to raise our three children vegetarian. It was not until recently that we began exlporing the vegan lifestyle when we discovered our oldest son is allergic to dairy and eggs. As a working mother of three I hope to inspire you and help you discover how healthy choices will make a difference for you. Join me in experimenting with these new recipes."

Jaime: "While I have been a vegetarian my whole life, it was not until I met Jessie, that my love for whole and organic foods began. For the past 10 years, I have made a concerted effort to provide my family and friends with healthy and delicious meals (and snacks). As our two children have grown in size and age, I too have grown in awareness. Fortunately, I have been able to be a stay at home mom for the last few years. During this time, I have had many opportunities to be present in my children's school. It was through these experiences that I gained insight into how our nations kids (or at least a sample of them) are being fed. This, no doubt, combined with my passion for non - violent living, has had a tremendous impact on how I choose to live and raise a family. Over the past 3 years, I have been inspired to become a more globally, socially conscious individual and have been happily experimenting with a vegan living foods diet, focusing mainly on raw fruits, nuts and veggies. Due to the numerous requests from friends for 'sample' menus, (and a bit of laziness on my part, for not wanting to repeat myself again and again), I am excited to post some of my creations and discoveries! Enjoy!


  1. This is so exciting! I love your new blog and will be a faithful follower! Congratulations on a wonderful, useful and meaningful endeavor. Love, Hanna

  2. Thank you Hanna, we are super excited to be able to share our discoveries with everyone!

  3. I can't wait until you come out to Connecticut this summer so that we can cook some of these recipes together.

  4. Hello,
    I know Hallie I went to school with her back in PA I work at a Whole Foods Co-Op and I am there Pastry Chef. She thought your site might be useful. I like what I see so far. Thank Katt

  5. Thank you all! We appreciate your support!