Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nut/seed milk pulp creation

Now that we have told you how to make your own nut or seed milks, you're asking, "what do I do with the pulp you had me reserve?". Well, here is one of the latest raw nut/seed milk pulp creations, inspired by the recent Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup.

This is a simple, yet tasty way to utilize the reserved pulps, so you don't have to waste your food or money. I don't have a name for it as of yet, and I really dislike naming things 'mock' this or 'mock' that. If I were to follow the typical 'Raw Food Recipe' trends, I would probably name it something like 'Mock Pumpkin Cheese Gnocchi'. However, I feel that this tends to give us a false conception of what the recipe should taste like and does not do justice to our palette or the food. Therefore, I believe that living food recipes should be in a category all their own. So if this looks interesting enough for you to try, let me know what you think... help me name it.

Reserved pulp from nut or seed milk ( especially tasty if you use the Pumpkin Spice Milk in the Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup recipe)
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Sea Salt to taste
Nutritional Yeast to taste
A couple of shakes of all should do. Again, taste it as you go. Start little and add more in small increments. When it comes to raw food, use the KISS principle ( Keep It Simple Silly).

When you are happy with the flavor, mold the pulp into little gnocchi shaped balls, or whatever you like. If you have a dehydrator, and have some time to wait before you eat, go ahead and put them in on low for a while. Slightly hard on the outside, chewy on the inside is PERFECT. If you are like me, and don't want to wait, no big deal- just arrange on a bed of mixed greens and add the Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup as a sauce and enjoy right away.

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