Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gourmet Baby

My friend Becky recently asked me about how to make baby food for her little girl. I am thrilled that so many families are taking their childrens nutrition into their own hands, exactly where it belongs. I made baby food for all three of my kiddos, and to this day they are still amazing eaters. Disclaimer - if you want your kids to eat healthy, you must model behaviour for them. If you're chowin' on brownies and fries for lunch, don't expect your little one to happily sit there eating his/her carrots...come on now.

Making your own baby food is simple, environmentally friendly, economical and most importantly, much healthier for your precious ones than jarred food will ever be. Another advantage is that you know exactly what you are feeding your child and you can pronounce all of your ingredients.

First step?
Choose fruits and vegetables that are organic and in season for optimal flavor and nutrients.

Keep in mind that when introducing new foods to your baby it is wise to start with one individual fruit or veggie and then introduce a new food every 3-5 days. I was always a little more cautious and waited a week. This allows parents to check for any food sensitivities, and baby to 'get to know' and thoroughly enjoy a certain food.

Here are some of my little one's favorite first foods; bananas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, blueberries, avocados. Oh, and just you wait till you start combining fruits with other fruits or veggies with other veggies…you and your baby will have so much fun!

What you’ll need:
Fresh fruit or veggies
Food Processor
Ice cube trays or other eco friendly storage containers, if storing

Cook your veggies and/or fruit, I prefer steaming them, in order to retain more of the nutrients.
When done steaming, put cooked veggies or fruit into food processor and puree until smooth.

*If you have a Vita-mix and you prefer to retain all the nutrients, minerals and enzymes in your babies food, then make it raw. Skip the stove, and just throw your fruits and/or veggies in the Vita-mix and process until you reach the desired consistency. Remember, the Vita-mix can cook food, so if you don't want it cooked, don't process your food for too long.

Voila!! You have a gourmet meal for your little one, and it's fresh!!!

Made extra? Perfect. Put pureed food in eco friendly containers (see link for ideas), and freeze. You can keep these extras for three months in the freezer.... but remember, fresh is always best.

Link for Eco friendly containers:

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